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Adolescence is one of the hardest and most unknown stages in our life. Through my experience I have been able to help many families and adolescents to work on short, medium and long term goals.

When I thought about what information I wanted to write in this section, I first thought of how to speak to the parents, explaining the benefits they would see in their children by taking teen coaching with me. I am a mother of two teenagers and I understand, not only professionally but personally, the complexity of coexistence when the children reach this stage. However, I also decided to write to your children, who want to create a "change" in their path through this life.

What is Teen Coaching?


First of all I want to specify that Coaching is not psychological therapy , you are not my patient and your're not ill; you are a person who seeks to be better than you already are and who is willing to learn new tools to achieve it.

My job is to accompany you in the process and help you achieve your goals, which we will define as Coaching objectives; In other words, you decide the route to follow and I'll give you tools to achieve it. You are in charge of your progress, except for the first or second session where we will define your objectives.


You will decide what you want to take from your session and these activities will be linked to your general Coaching objective.


Every session we will create action plans you'll have to execute for the next sessions.


Everything we talk about will be confidential, unless you tell me that you are planning to do something that puts your life at risk (suicide, flogging, etc.) . If there is a specific situation that you consider important to discuss with parents, together we will create a strategy to communicate it.

Our initial Coaching agreement is for 12 sessions , approximately in session #10 we will do an evaluation to see if we have achieved the objective we've created together . If you feel that you have reached your objectives by that time, we can finish this process. in case you decide to develop other aspects of your life, we will agree to create a new Coaching goals.

Some of the benefits you will get are:


  • Life and career plan

  • Improved self-esteem and self-concept

  • Emotional intelligence development

  • Conflict resolution

  • Better decision making

  • Support in the development of communication skills

  • Anxiety and stress reduction

  • Safe environment for sexual identity conflicts

... among many others

Coaching will be a space of trust and tranquility,

for you to create ways to feel better.

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