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Erika Monroy
Psichologist & Certified Professional Coach

"My job is to achieve the well-being that you have sought so much through coaching for couples, families, adolescents, businessmen, entrepreneurs and any other person interested in redesigning their life, making decisions for their happiness, improving their relationships and developing their Emotional Intelligence".  

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Our goal is to create specific actions that are easy to apply for your personal and professional well-being; through the increase of socio-emotional skills, mental training, as well as self-care. Seeking to raise your productivity and quality in your interpersonal relationships.


Regardless of your age or place of residence, you can access our services either virtually or in person. Our headquarters are in Miami Florida but we can come to your place of residence either in person or virtually.

Erika Monroy® Wellness Center It is created by a multidisciplinary team led by Erika Monroy, who gather our professional and personal experience to create virtual and face-to-face content, in different Hispanic countries of the world; that gives participants the power to direct and lead theirsuccessful interpersonal relationships and achieve high personal and professional performance.  

Our transformation courses and coaching service make you create habits to guarantee your emotional, physical and mental well-being  in an accessible, applicable and inspiring way.

Some of our fields of specialty are:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Mindfulness (Full Attention)

  • Social-Emotional Education

  • Stress management

  • Development of communication skills

  • Leadership

  • Aromatherapy and Emotional Regulation

  • Use of Digital

  • Drug Use and Abuse 

  • Social-Emotional Well-being

  • Personal development

  • Self Knowledge

  • Decision making

  • Planning and Organization

  • Time management

  • Emotional intelligence and your finances

  • Career Orientation

  • Business e-learning


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