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Being part of a relationship or forming a family involves different cycles that require constant transformation to face day-to-day challenges.


The daily coexistence, communication problems, understanding and the creation of common plans according to personal expectations about relationships can generate situations that we can work  through Couple Coaching, to achieve healthy, stable, balanced, comprehensive relationships and happiness.

In family coaching , our challenges become even greater; from the decision of taking the next step, a newborn in the family, adolescence and even the death of one of our loved ones .


Coaching for couples and / or family will allow you to create strategies to recognize yourself as an individual in each of these stages , since self-knowledge is essential to improve relationships within your family nucleus; we will define action plans and together we will create the path for you and your loved ones to achieve collective happiness.

Why start a Family and Couple Coaching process?

This methodology focuses on the present to create future potential, it focuses on problem solving and not on  analyzing the past. Instead of observing conflicts as a limiting problem, you will be able to transform these barriers into opportunities to rebuild those ties together, improve your communication to live together healthily and achieve successful affective relationships.

No matter what personal cycle you are in, in family and couple Coaching, you will enhace your skills, values, beliefs and

self-esteem to achieve a better relationship with the people you love the most in this life.

Some of the benefits of Couple & Family coaching :

  • Better interpersonal communication

  • Healthy coexistence

  • Improved self-esteem

  • Conflict resolution

  • Emotional intelligence development

  • Mindfulness (Mindfulness) to better express emotions and create healthy bonds.

Before starting our Coaching sessions for families and / or couples, I will send you the Coaching Agreement that you must read carefully and bring signed or send via email. When you are sure that you understand all the details about the Coaching, we will agree on the day, time and way to meet, either in person or online.

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