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Did you know that 50% of students enter university undecided, while 75% change majors at least once?


Why is this happening?

On many occasions, children feel pressured by parents to choose a specific university or career, that is, they make decisions based on the beliefs and ideologies of other people, so when they start studying the career, they face difficulties since it's not right for them.


What can we do as parents?

Empower our children to think in detail about their abilities, strengths and learning opportunities, as well as their personal tastes and interests so that they can successfully complete their studies and have a better job projection in the future.

Benefits of Career Orientation Coaching

Career Orientation Coaching has the purpose of supporting the student to find their interests more assertively. strengths and areas of opportunity to work together and achieve a successful application to the desired career. To achieve this, the application of the TOV (Vocational Guidance Test) of the PDA (Personal Development Assessment) is a key piece.

 The TOV is a vocational guidance test very accurate online that allows you to generate a complete report of preferences, skills, abilities and career recommendations with the aim of guiding people in decision-making regarding their academic and professional future. 

This is done through 3 steps:



PDA Test

Career Orientation

Life &
Career Plan

What is a PDA TOV Report?

The report obtained after the application of the TOV (Vocational Guidance Test)  it provides you with information that will help you make decisions regarding your academic and professional future. This report can be obtained in many languages and the results are standardized depending on the language of each country. 


The report considers 4 parts:

  • behavior profile

  • skills

  • preferences

  • Career Options


Remember that vocational guidance is a process, therefore, the information you will find here is indicative and helps you think and reflect on interests, abilities and future options.

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As a team, we offer highly personalized attention and unparalleled guidance through all aspects of the US college application process, enabling you to reach your dream school and thrive in your next educational endeavor. .

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