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If you feel that your adolescent needs a face-to-face accompaniment, this option is for you.


There are many questions that are presented to us in one of the hardest and most unknown stages in our life. Through my experience I have been able to help many families and adolescents to direct a full life, working on short, medium and long term goals.


My job is to accompany you in the process and help you achieve your goals, which we will define as Coaching objectives; In other words, you decide the route to follow and I give you tools to achieve it. You are in charge of your progress, except for the first or second session where we will define your objective; You will decide what you want to take from your session and these activities will be linked to your general Coaching objective.


In each session together we will create action plans for you to execute between our sessions.


Teen Coaching IN PERSON ( Doral, FL)

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