If what you need is virtual accompaniment, because you do not have time to travel or live in another country, this option is for you.


Coaching for couples and/or family will allow you to create strategies to recognize yourself as an individual in each of these stages, since self-knowledge is essential to improve relationships within your family nucleus; We will define action plans and together we will trace the path so that you and your loved ones reach collective well-being.

This methodology puts its attention in the present to create a future potentiality, that is,  it focuses on the search for solutions and not on the analysis of the past. Instead of seeing conflicts as a limiting problem, you will be able to transform these barriers into opportunities to rebuild those ties together, improve your communication to live together healthily and achieve successful affective relationships.

No matter what personal cycle you are in, in Family and/or Couple Coaching, you will increase your skills, values, beliefs and self-esteem to establish a better relationship with the people you love most in this life.



- To block the day and time of your session, you must first make your payment, as soon as you receive the confirmation, your session will be confirmed. If you want you can send me a screenshot to my Whatsapp  1-786-864-0672 or by email erika@erikamonroy.com



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IMPORTANT: To reserve your session, you must complete the payment in advance. Once I receive the notification of your payment, your session will be confirmed.


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