I have combined my personal and professional experience to take you by the hand to the creation of your personal redesign, in other words, your personal reengineering, a concept that is used to describe being reborn and starting over, but this time with the knowledge and life experience you have acquired. Are you willing to create change? In any of the following circumstances, it will be extremely useful to start your Workbook as soon as possible: “Redesign yourself to transform your life”: • You feel aimless. • You feel that you are not getting the results that your effort deserves. • You want to be clear about what you want to be, do or have. • The conditions in your life have changed recently. • You want to advance radically in your goals. • You are or want to be a leader in what you undertake. • You want to organize and manage your time in a balanced way. • You want to discover what your priorities are.Your starting point is to define your life purpose, that is, why do you do what you do daily and if you really need to? if you continue like this. You will define your objectives clearly and with reasons powerful enough to strive to achieve them. These are the parts that make up your manual: 1. Personal strategy2. Personal planning 3. Personal organization 4. Productive tools 5. Skills to develop in your person 6. Productive habits7. Execution Remember that life is a dynamic process, so this manual will be of constant use to you during the different cycles of your life. If you want to continue living in balance and with clarity, I recommend that you frequently return to review, correct and expand your answers in your Work Manual: “Redesign yourself to transform your life.” The idea that you must keep in mind to continue growing is adjust your strategies constantly, since always doing the same and in the same way you will not get a different result. Adaptation and dynamics are essential components to be able to reach a level of leadership, and develop it successfully. Finally, I want to remind you that your manual is a tool, but it is also important to have a guide that tells you how to walk the road, for which a certified professional coach will be useful during your process: “Instead of reinventing the wheel, use the experience and knowledge of the experts to speed up the process.” In short, Your manual of work: “Redesign yourself to transform your life” is a set of activities that you will carry out in order to generate an internal process that will allow you to transform your life today into the one you long for.

Redesign yourself to transform your life

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