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This e-book is an innovative tool that allows you to reflect on and understand your emotional intelligence.
After using it, you will not only identify your emotional strengths and developing areas, but also create plans of action to strengthen different areas of your life through the increase of socio-emotional skills resulting in personal well being that will improve your interpersonal relationships, productivity, and mental health.
At the end of this trip you will have an answer to one of the main existential questions that human beings have... How to create a balance between my Emotions, Thoughts, and Actions?

When you buy this e-book, you have an extra bonus of a 30 minute customized coaching session to answer any doubts may have your e-book. To book your appointment, email and include "Strange world of emotions"in the subject.

The Strange World of Emotions: Discover the Power of Emotional Intelligence

$14.99 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price
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